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From Ron Graham.
George I'm trying to get a reunion together for this year meeting in Dallas Tx. date not determined yet. need help in telling guys about this anyone that served in the 1/73rd any year or as it was being closed down and were relocated to other Units are Welcome. Thanks for your help.

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Hello To all that served in the 1/73 Armor Div. Fort Beaver or MSA #31 at Camp Casey ROK. It's getting close to being 50 years since we've walked guard on a tank park or around the cat-walk of a tower. I would like to invite you to meet up again and share old stories and memories of that time and to see how much we've learned after that period too.

Thinking Dallas,Texas would be the most central place for flights to get to. There is a Comfort Suites DFW only 2 miles away with free shuttle service and hoping to get a good Veteran's or Senior Group rate and a meeting room with amenities. I know our schedules will vary but hopefully we can pick a Date/Time & Place to please all. Let me know your thoughts on idea affirmative or negative this by February 15th 2018

Thank you
Ron Graham

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The purpose of this site is to bring back memories of
Fort Beavers, aka Camp Beavers, Taejoni, Gyeonggi Province, Korea. (Kyonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do are the names for the same province.)
My name is George Quirk, I was Supply Sergeant with HHC 1st Battalion 73rd Armor from 1966-1967. The base is still in service and used by 38th Tank Battalion, 26th Mech Division ROK Army. located in Daejeob-ri, Cheongsan-myeon, Yoencheon, Gyeongg-do
Latitude 38.024167           Longitude 127.106944
38 degress 01' 27" N        127 degrees 06' 25" E
is location of TaeJoni as it was known then

Units stationed at Fort Beavers
1st Battalion 73rd Armor...................1963-1971
2nd Med Tank Battalion 40th Armor....1958-1963
HHC, A, B & C Company, 44th Engr Battalion..1967
C Company, 44th Engr Battalion....................1968
B Company, 13th Combat Engineers Battalion
7th MP Company Det 2


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The above link has information and history regarding the Korean War and DMZ as it is today





The 73rd Tankers Association has earned trust and respect while serving our Nation since 1948 fighting for what we believe in, even at the cost of our lives.  The Association is dedicated to continuing the relationships developed by comrades that rubbed shoulders together in the service of our country as proud Men of Armor.

Membership Information

Membership is open to any person who served with the 73rd Tank Battalion or 73rd Armor.  For membership information contact:

President  Robert Jones 1-816-836-0969 or 1-816-809-0123

Vice President  Thomas Ruffo 1-727-544-2811

Secretary/Treasurer  Dennis Morgan 1-951-956-7931 Email:


The 73rd Tankers Association held it's 19th Reunion in Independence Mo. April 21-25 2015. The Association has 300 members listed on the roll 15 members were present. The oldest was Curtis Banker, founder of the 73rd T. A., he still has the hand shake of a bear. Many stories were shared and I'm honored to be the newest member of the Association. I now know the story of how Fort Beavers received it's name form the men that were present that fateful day. The 20th Reunion is being planned to be held at Fort Benning Ga. where the tanker's started out training and preparing for the battles of Korea which lay ahead of them. The Association is open to any former or active soldier who has served under it's motto of HONOR, FIDELITY, COURAGE. These aging Combat Vets would love to see their 73rd Tankers Association carried on in history by the younger vets that served under its Colors with the 82nd Airborne Division.



Tim Jackman on a recent visit to Ft Bragg found the 73rd Armor is now the 73rd Cavalry Regiment.  He didn't find the unit on post but there were Unit crests, decals and embroidered patches available.

Lewis Witt has visited the old Fort Beavers site in September 2013, which is now occupied by the ROK Army 38th Tank Battalion, 26th Mech Division. Share his story and pictures by going to the 1963-1964 tab.

us-flag1.gif is always looking for pictures, movies, video, stories and additional information on Fort Beavers, if you have any, and would like to share, please contact me with your info.
Email:  George Quirk


It is the veteran...not the preacher...who gives us freedom of religion.

It is the veteran...not the reporter...who gives us freedom of the press.

It is the veteran...not the poet...who gives us freedom of speech.

It is the veteran...not the campus organizer...who gives us the freedom to assemble.

It is the veteran...not the lawyer...who gives us the right to a fair trial.

It is the veteran...not the politician...who gives us the right to vote.

And it is the veteran who salutes the flag...who serves under the flag...and whose coffin is draped by the flag.


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