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Pete McLallen & Jerry Raper videos of B Company, 13th Combat Engineers

Click this link for video Memorial Day 1967 bt Pete McLallen

Click this link for Summer 1967 Fort Beavers and the DMZ by Jerry Raper

ED Dandaraw Shares His Home Movies
This is Ed's description of the home movies below:  You'll see the tank companies on the hill across from the MP company. I am pretty sure that the village in the films was Yon-Mokel which was just outside of gate 2 as Taejoni was just outside gate one near the bridge. The bridge in the film was washed away during either July or August 1965 during a nasty monsoon in which I had patroled to Camp Kaiser that morning during the beginning of the storm and was stuck at Camp Kaiser for five days as all the roads between Camp Kaiser and Camp Beavers were washed out. Also that helicopter in the film crashed at the bridge shortly after I took that video of it and I responded to the scene of the crash but luckily they had been hovering beside the bridge doing an inspection of it when the chopper lost power so the pilot and his passenger were only slightly hurt. Weird how that happened just after I filmed it.

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Click on this link for Pictures Courtesy of Robert Furrer

Courtesy Specialist 5th Class Erling Pacheco
Charlie company motor pool 1971. 3 man team to train the Katusas

Chinese Tunnel Today

USO Show 1966

USO Show 1966

Fort Beavers USO Show 1966

Camp Bus Schedule

Chinese Tunnel

Chinese Tunne 1983
Short Timer Calendar

What's Left Of Ammo Truck After Explosion

Courtesy of Joe Galone
Courtesy Of Joe Galone

Enlisted Club Calendar Of Events

Front Of Thanksgiving Menu 1966

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MSA#31 Det. Fort Beavers & Camp Casey Photos Courtesy of Ron Graham